Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Today's fashion finds: Getting to love lately

I'm noticing a trend with my virtual window shopping in the last few nights...

California Cool Corset Drape Dress

$1,825 down to $349

 Dive In Sol Low Rise String Bikini

$62 down to $29

I like the cut of this one better than the one below, but the light blue of the Solid Triangle Set one is nicer. If only the bottoms didn't look like they would never come out of your crack, I'd have already bought them, $29 is an awesome price!

 Dive In Solid Triangle Slider Top Bikini Set

$95 down to $29
Marc by Marc Jacobs Plaid Blazer

$468 down to $219

I know it's a men's blazer, but who cares? I would totally wear this everywhere!

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