Sunday, July 11, 2010

Been a few days since my last post, but we went on a small vacation and I've been a bit tired since then.

Carowinds isn't quite what it used to be. Not nearly as whimsical as I remembered it, but then it's been over a decade since my family's last trip there. This time I went with my boyfriend and his parents. I had a good time, however I definitely missed the Hannah-Barbara section. It felt dirtier somehow, too, though as a kid I probably just didn't notice the grime. It's your typical amusement park. Rides and food and shops everywhere. There's a water park area as well, if you're willing to pay a little extra for it. I used to like the water park; swimming in the wave pool and such, but I don't recall it being mostly 14 year old girls half dressed and showing off themselves. That was pretty creepy. There really should be more inforcement about wearing pants outside of the waterpark. It's one thing to be in a bathing suit underwater, but when walking around families with no clothes on hanging on your teenage sweetheart and making out in public is a little disgusting. We get it. You think you're hot. You know what's hotter? Self-respect. Gain some and the quality of your dating pool will rise. /rant

All in all, it wasn't a bad day. On the contrary, I had a good time, though the company might be part of the fun. I have always been afraid of roller coasters, so I took this opportunity to try to get over that. Granted, I didn't get on any of the bigger ones, but what I did ride was more than I ever had. At least at one time. Next time I go back I'll get on something scarier. I'm just proud of myself for trying :P. We topped the day off with some funnel cake and left the park.

After Carowinds we came back home. We had planned on making a two-day trip of it, but after a while we just got a little bored. To make up for it a little, we went to Greenville for a couple of hours the next day. Ross and I got bubble tea at O-cha Tea Bar and cuddled under the bridge while his parents did a little shopping.

Also, we just (finally) got Netflix. We got the disks for the PS3 and the Wii as well, so I've spent pretty much since the vacation watching things from my childhood. On the TV right now is Jim Henson's Storyteller, which was on HBO first thing in the morning before school when I was in elementary school. So many days started with this show and a bowl of Lucky Charms, wrapped in a blanket half-asleep and finishing up homework.

Oh I want some sugary-cereal goodness...


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ross got a free trial of Netflix last night, so after we did a couple of pug RS raids we fired it up on his laptop and ran it to his awesome tv. Watched a looot of Top Gear :).

We love the interaction between the guys on the show. It's such a male series, but I grew up loving cars with my dad, so maybe I'm just lucky and have a little bit of residual testosterone or something, because it's one of my favorite things to watch. I would love to have the access to supercars these guys do. *daydream*

My dream car is a '69 Chevy Corvette Stingray, gunmetal grey. Doesn't even have to be convertible. And I hate T-tops, so that's right out. I'd want to put a new sound system in it, and update the airconditioning a bit, but other than that, it'd be perfect in the original state. Well, as long as it still runs, and hasn't succumbed to the ravages of age, that is. >.<

This amazing blue works, too. *drools*
How can anyone not look at this and be in awe?

For anyone that hasn't watched Top Gear yet, like most of Americans...shame on you...go there and get some clips or something. Top Gear is on BBCAmerica, finally, so look up the times and curl up on the couch with your best gal (or guy, ladies) and start laughing. Even if you're not that into cars, it's a funny show, and you learn a lot.

Plus the Stig might just be watching you...

Monday, July 5, 2010

Sitting in the floor watching an LP of Blood Bowl with my bf. We would really like to get some LPs of our own going, but we lack the equipment (and the motivation :P) to do it right now. We've been wondering for a while about where to start with our food blog, so that will take priority over any other projects. I can't wait to get it started.

Had a friend over last night for the 4th, and that was fun. Wish the others that were originally coming could have made it, but family comes first, and I understand that. The little cousins came, and that was great. We haven't seen them since their grandfather's funeral, so we've missed them. They learned not to stand too close to mortar shells, and that they really really like ginger ale. They are so cute when they aren't being monsters.

The scale at this house is broken, and I think is abotu 10 lbs off, putting me at 119.0 and not 109.0 I'm thin, but not that thin >.<. I KNOW it's at least a little off, because it tells me my BMI is 8. Wouldn't I be dead if it were that low? I would really like a new scale to use. But for now, I'm using it to see how much I'm going up or down, and it kind of takes a little of the stress out of it to not know exactly the weight, but the change. I'm also working on a weight-loss theory that if it fleshes out, I'll talk about later.

My eBay watch list is getting sooo freaking long! I've only received one of the dresses I ordered in my little cheap-dress spending spree the other week, and I'll be super upset if I got gypped. Maybe I should make a wishlist on here to keep up with the things I need, like new glasses and my wisdom teeth taken out? And maybe some slots for things I want....

Well, anyway, first post entered. Took over a year after getting the blog due to lots of drama and homelessness and depression that happened right after I made it. See you soon!