Sunday, November 27, 2011

Starfish Flee Icy Finger of Death: VIDEO

Starfish Flee Icy Finger of Death: VIDEO

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Baking Bites' Pumpkin Brownies

It just makes my mouth water to look at them.
Mine didn't look nearly as good as this, so
hopefully bakingbites won't mind me borrowing the image.
 I made these pumpkin brownies for dessert on Halloween night, and they are like denser, slightly more cakey pumpkin pies without crusts (which I highly considered making out of gingersnaps and some butter). They were delicous! All 20 of them were gone between the 4 of us by last night, so they just made it to 24 hours existence. I took one last one for dessert, topped it with a scoop of pumpkin pie ice cream, and drizzled some caramel syrup on top with a single small gingersnap cookie >.<

I recommend going over to and digging through her posts. She's a great cook and photographer. I wish I could do anything half as well! Next project has been chosen, but only time will tell if I'll be allowed to do it.

We really need our own apartment...le sigh.

I discovered, btw. If you want to see all the crap I'm interested in, have a look-see

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Alcatraz Christmas: Cigs and butter

Last night, I was awake until bleeding 7am...then slept until almost 7pm today. Woke up still tired and cranky. Not sick, just sleepy. -.-

However, Mrs. Harris had picked up the latest issue of Food Network Magazine, because it's full of Halloween and pumpkin recipes, and she knows me all too well :3 One of the articles is about the New York Public Library and its new project: taking menus from the Rare Book room and scanning them and transcribing the recipes. Intrigued, I went to the site. A couple of clicks later, I'm helping transcribe. As an anthropology buff, I think this is awesome, but Ross keeps rolling his eyes at me.

The first menu I went to ended up being the Alcatraz Mess Hall Christmas menu from 1929. It's sparse, but not as bad as it could have been. They even got "mixed candies"! I just find it hilarious that butter is listed...and the last item is cigarettes. :D I just see grim 20's gangsters lined up in a buffet line with cartons of cigs at the end given out by other inmates in hairnets.

"Yes, please."
"Nah, but can I have two helpings of smokes?"
"Fuck off wit' dat. Youse can have seconds when youse finish what youse got."

If you're interested, go to and find out more. Or, click the link below to see what I did first to get an idea of how easy it is.
Alcatraz Island - What's on the Menu? Help transcribe The New York Public Library's historical menu collection

The Los Angeles Public Library is also doing the same, though I haven't checked it out yet. Head to to see their project. Happy transcribing!

My next house - Imgur

My next house - Imgur

Beer Time! Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin Ale

Stupid camera. I can't find my charger for it real posting has been delayed...again. I really wish I'd had it this past weekend, as Ross and I went to Dragon*Con in Atlanta! It was awesome, as always, and I met several great new people to annoy! :D I cosplayed as Etna from Disgaea again, Noel Vermillion from BlazBlue, and Female Main Character from Persona 3 Portable. No one knew who I was in FMC, so that was a bit of a bust, but then again, D*C isn't a video game-heavy con. It's a lot of fantasy/sci-fi TV, movies, and literature, but it's one of the best parties on the east coast. It's well worth the expense...and my oh my is it expensive sometimes. I'm still looking for any pics of me from the con, so if I'm spotted (or you think you spot me) please send me a link to the pic! I'd very much appreciate it :)

Now on to an actual post!

Tried the Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin Ale at Barley's Tap Room in Greenville at lunch. Called "the king of pumpkin ale", it was a pretty good beer, though not nearly the taste I had expected. I thought "warm, slight nutmeg or cinnamon undertone, and thicker than usual ale mouthfeel", but got "crisp, spicy imperial ale". Not a complaint at all, mind you. I had a slice of pizza, and thought it would clash with it, but was actually a decent pizza beer. Would definitely have again if given the chance, and the price was right. 8% abv pint at $5.50 was worth it. The color was a pretty reddish caramel with a small amount of head, just a little lacing, but that's alright with me. It smelled stronger than it tasted, and after my initial couple of sips, I had just enough time to say as such to Ross before I noticed my face getting warm. I've literally never had that happen, and was really surprised. It's an interesting feeling.

Since looking around online for info on it, I've found quite a few reviews that pretty much agree with me, most putting this beer at around a 3-4 out of 5 rating. I'd say 3.5 or so, putting me in the middle of the opinions. I'd like to get it again soon, and on my next trip to Total Wine hope to pick some up.

I've also found several recipes that use it in beer bread and pumpkin pie. Color me intrigued. I've been making beer bread again lately (reviews again postponed due to lack of camera...le sigh) and one recipe in particular piqued my interest. It pulls in traditional pumpkin pie ingredients on top of the oh-so-basic format, and sounds fuckin' delicious. This MUST happen. The pumpkin pie I may or may not do, depending on my level of laziness. I hope to get my camera charged so I can remake the beer bread from this week and post pictures to show the awesomeness. It turned out delicious...despite some....very weird mistakes...and the resultant kitchen fire... >.>

But more on that later! :D

You'd smile, too. Don't lie.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Yay internet!

Seems that my laptop charger pooping out on me was a bigger problem than first thought. Since I have to borrow Ross's mom's charger to use my comp at all, I get only a few hours every few days, and lately, there's been 3-4 days to a week in-between. *Sigh* Thank balls she has one that works at all, or I'd be completely SOL.

Even though I have been online since my last post, I have to play catch-up to emails and work-type stuff...which ends up taking all of the time I have with the charger. So, once again, apologies for not posting but this time it's not my fault! >.<

A lot has happened since my last post, and I hope to make late individual updates on them. We went on our vacation/anniversary trip (6 years yay! <3), had hangout time with our friend Ginya, bought and beat Catherine, had awesome and awful restaurant experiences, and even did a bunch of bento and cooking/baking (holy shit! productivity!). I also started receiving some of the samples I ordered, and hope to get reviews up of the products worth posting about, as well as doing a new "show" that Ross and I filmed one episode of for shits and giggles, and plan to do more. No promises for when these things will be posted, given my current situation, but hopefully soon...if I can ever catch up -.- Seeing as it's Tax-free Weekend here in the states, I can maaaaaybe try to find a charger on sale for cheap. Here's hoping! *crosses fingers*

P.S. Ross has also been ill, so that's taken precedence right now. We haven't even been able to do much with costuming because he's sick. I hope to post those pics soon, too, and get his mom's help with the overload of work to do for Dragon*Con. X_X

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cosplay plans

Finally got Ross to talk about what we're doing for Dragon Con (which is less than a month away...eek!) and planned to go out tomorrow for fabric pricing at the new Jo Ann's and hit up the other usual places for supplies. So far, we have on tap:

For me:

 Noel from BlazBlue
 Main Female from Persona 3 Portable
And of course, fixing up and bringing Etna.

For him: 

 Ragna from BlazBlue
Male main character from Persona 3
And his Mid-boss from Disgaea :)

Tomorrow, we head out!

By the by, anyone with any advice on Etna's wings would be helpful. I'm a bit at a loss x.x

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Today's fashion finds: Getting to love lately

I'm noticing a trend with my virtual window shopping in the last few nights...

California Cool Corset Drape Dress

$1,825 down to $349

 Dive In Sol Low Rise String Bikini

$62 down to $29

I like the cut of this one better than the one below, but the light blue of the Solid Triangle Set one is nicer. If only the bottoms didn't look like they would never come out of your crack, I'd have already bought them, $29 is an awesome price!

 Dive In Solid Triangle Slider Top Bikini Set

$95 down to $29
Marc by Marc Jacobs Plaid Blazer

$468 down to $219

I know it's a men's blazer, but who cares? I would totally wear this everywhere!

Today's Freebies and coupons: 7/13

Free Sonia Remy Skin Care Samples

Free Soooo Sweet All Natural Stevia Sweetener Samples

Free Fiber Choice Chewable Tablet Sample

Free U by Kotex Sample Pack

Earth Fare’s Weekly Welcome Home coupon - Free ½ lb of Tomatoes with $5 purchase

4 Quiznos coupons

Hershey’s BOGO coupons

Also! This Friday is doing a Black Friday in July sale! It's online only, so be sure to check out the website for some (hopefully) good deals :) (FYI: If you love me, I've had my eye on their Hello Kitty stuff for a while now :P)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Because of the way I am...

...I've been really flaky lately with this site, so I've decided to re-purpose it. I'm more interested in making a general blog about my interests as a whole lately than a specific bento one, and Ross and I haven't been able to do much bento-wise in the last year anyway with my last year of college being as hectic as it was. Plus, I didn't cook nearly as much as I should have. I'm hoping to pick bento-making back up after I get a job, and I'll post another when we actually get to do one, no matter when that is.

But now, Rumkitty's Adventures features a better picture of what I'm like, and not just one aspect of me. :)


Today's fashion finds: One can always look, can't she?

I love these sites! Hopefully when I'm all grown up and have a good job, I can use them to get highly discounted designer clothes and other deals :)

Raphael Young Buckle Platform Bootie

$925 down to $279 on
Pour La Victoire Irina I Laser-Cut Pump

$262 down to $129 on

Elizabeth and James Score Wedge

$435 down to $174 on

Elizabeth and James Honey Wedge

$395 down to $197.50 on

Love Token Flare Top

$130 down to $39 on
Love Token Asymmetrical Hem Cardigan

$123 down to $37 on

Decode 1.8 Beaded Halter Empire Dress

$169 down to $68 on

Decode 1.8 Lace Trim Ruffle Skirt Tank Dress

$159 down to $64 on
Elizabeth and James Dandy Vest

$275 down to $110 on

DV by Dolce Vita Women's Savannah Ballet Flat

$68 down to $35 on

Foley + Corinna Elastic Waist Star Tulle Dress

$410 down to $185 on