Saturday, August 6, 2011

Yay internet!

Seems that my laptop charger pooping out on me was a bigger problem than first thought. Since I have to borrow Ross's mom's charger to use my comp at all, I get only a few hours every few days, and lately, there's been 3-4 days to a week in-between. *Sigh* Thank balls she has one that works at all, or I'd be completely SOL.

Even though I have been online since my last post, I have to play catch-up to emails and work-type stuff...which ends up taking all of the time I have with the charger. So, once again, apologies for not posting but this time it's not my fault! >.<

A lot has happened since my last post, and I hope to make late individual updates on them. We went on our vacation/anniversary trip (6 years yay! <3), had hangout time with our friend Ginya, bought and beat Catherine, had awesome and awful restaurant experiences, and even did a bunch of bento and cooking/baking (holy shit! productivity!). I also started receiving some of the samples I ordered, and hope to get reviews up of the products worth posting about, as well as doing a new "show" that Ross and I filmed one episode of for shits and giggles, and plan to do more. No promises for when these things will be posted, given my current situation, but hopefully soon...if I can ever catch up -.- Seeing as it's Tax-free Weekend here in the states, I can maaaaaybe try to find a charger on sale for cheap. Here's hoping! *crosses fingers*

P.S. Ross has also been ill, so that's taken precedence right now. We haven't even been able to do much with costuming because he's sick. I hope to post those pics soon, too, and get his mom's help with the overload of work to do for Dragon*Con. X_X

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